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Access Requirements


Admission to the Master Degree Course requires the possession of one among the listed degrees:
- Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences;
- Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology;
- Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Technology;
- Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology;
- Bachelor Degrees of Technical Health Professions (limited to Dieticians);
- Master Degree in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacys;
- Master Degrees in Food Science and Technology;
- Master Degree in Medicine and Surgery;
- Master Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics.

For admission specific knoledge are also required in addition to a degree among the above listed:

a) At least 6 ECTS in Fisics and 6 ECTS in Chemistry;
b) At least 30 ECTS in the "Biomedical Disciplines", comprising at least 6 ECTS in each of Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular biology;
c) Knowledge of Italian language and at least one European Union language (level B2).


For access to the LM61 Master Degree Course, the evaluation of the curriculum requirements and personal preparation will be carried out, on the basis of the above criteria, by the Course Council  special committee wich will evaluate any cases and verify that the candidate has basic knowledge in the scientific-disciplinary fields, above indicated in points (a) and (b), as well as in the English language. Candidates who demonstrate the required knowldge during the interview may enrol in the LM-61 degree course.

For the evaluation of the university curriculum and the reservation at the interview, please fill in the appropriate form and send it by September 20th by e-mail with the required documentation to the Coordinator lucantonio.debellis@uniba.it.

For the evaluation of the university curriculum and the reservation at the interview, please fill in theform and send it by e-mail to the Coordinator within September 20th with the required documentation

For any question please enquire  prof. Lucantonio Debellis.
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